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Bollywood Box Office Verdict 2018

Obsessed on the field workplace bug? Don’t miss studying our compilation of Bollywood field workplace enterprise achieved by movies launched in 2018.

(Please rotate your cellular display screen for greatest viewing)

MovieLaunch1st Day1st Weekend1st WeekLifetimeVerdict
The Publish12-Jan23 Lakhs01.1701.5903.04Flop

Right here’s our Field Workplace Parameter:

Hit: Movie which doubles the funding

Tremendous-Hit: Movie which greater than doubles the funding by further 50%

Common: Movie which solely recovers funding

Plus: Movie which recovers funding & yields some revenue

Flop: Movie which loses 50% or extra of funding

Dropping: Movie which doesn’t recuperate the funding however loses lower than 50% of it.

* denotes that the movie remains to be working in theatres.

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