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Jalti Rait Per | Episode 15 | TV One Drama | 12th October 2017


Jalti Rait Per Episode 15 TV One Drama Starring Junaid Khan, Mansha Pasha, Hassan Ahmed, Shamoon Abbasi, Faryal Mehmood, Mehak Ali, Anita Camphor

Jalti Rait Par Episode 8 Review: Sameer (Hassan Ahmed) not giving up the fight against Ayesha (Mansha Pasha)’s Cancer
Sameer (Hassan Ahmed) (Hasan Ahmed) is playing a strong character in Jalti Rait Par, and giving us an affectionate husband vibe after so long.
Sameer (Hassan Ahmed) is neither the one who tortures his wife nor someone who does second marriage without any reason. Sameer (Hassan Ahmed) and Ayesha (Mansha Pasha) share a perfect bond and their chemistry will leave you awestruck.

In the last episode, Ayesha (Mansha Pasha) has diagnosed cancer, while Sameer (Hassan Ahmed) did everything to make sure she has a smooth and the best treatment. On the other hand of the story, Sameer (Hassan Ahmed)’s brother Danish (Shamoon Abbasi) wants his property and can do anything for that. Shehryar (Junaid Khan) who is cousin brother to Ayesha (Mansha Pasha), who was her lover as well realised that Ayesha (Mansha Pasha) is happy in her life.

In yesterday’s episode, Sameer (Hassan Ahmed) takes Ayesha (Mansha Pasha) to the doctor and started her treatment, while, talking to her daughter Ayesha (Mansha Pasha) saw Danish (Shamoon Abbasi) entering her house.
Threatening Aliya with a gun Danish (Shamoon Abbasi) warned Ayesha (Mansha Pasha) to control Sameer (Hassan Ahmed). However, Ayesha (Mansha Pasha) ran towards the door and fainted, perhaps Sameer (Hassan Ahmed) knew it was Danish (Shamoon Abbasi).
After the break, Shehryar (Junaid Khan)’s mother celebrated his engagement with a complete decor so that people get to know Shehryar (Junaid Khan) is getting engaged. Shehryar (Junaid Khan) received his father in law’s call and went to meet his friend who offered him a case.

Later in the last few scenes, Ayesha (Mansha Pasha) and Sameer (Hassan Ahmed) argued and whereas Ayesha (Mansha Pasha) requested him to end his dispute with Danish (Shamoon Abbasi). Then, Shehryar (Junaid Khan) met Danish (Shamoon Abbasi), who showed him Ayesha (Mansha Pasha)’s Bio and commanded him to destroy Sameer (Hassan Ahmed)’s family, however, Sameer (Hassan Ahmed) refused to do so and left.
Now, Shehryar (Junaid Khan) refused Danish (Shamoon Abbasi)’s case. But, can he do that? his love and his commitment with father in law will stop him to do so.
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